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Gavita introduces 750W double ended fixture and lamp on Tuinbouwrelatiedagen

The Gavita GAN Electronic 750W DE features a unique lamp: The Gavita 750W DE EL produces nearly 2 micromoles per watt. This is an improvement of about 10% compared with the current generation of single ended 750W lamps.

Gavita GAN Electronic 750 DE HR96

This fixture is especially interesting for 600W fixture users that want to upgrade to a higher light level. Growers with a traditional magnetic 400V 600W installation can even upgrade to electronic 750W fixtures without changing the electrical installation because its capacity is calculated on the basis of magnetic fixtures with a low power factor.

Replacement of the 600W magnetic fixture by the new GAN fixture not only improves the light output significantly, but also the efficiency, light maintenance and uniformity. It provides an upgrade path for current 600W fixture users with minimal investments.