Large scale horticulture

Maximum light efficiency by flexible deployment

Tomato producer Den Berk stores her fixtures during the summer.

To maximize the use of natural sunlight during the summer season, and to avoid the fixtures getting dirty from dust, Den Berk stores her supplemental lighting fixtures during the summer season.

Supplier Gavita offered Den Berk, based in Merksplas, Belgium, a fitting solution for temporary storage.

“We really thought through what to do with our fixtures during the summer. By removing the fixtures when we do not need them we reduce the light interception, and prevent needing to clean them after the dusty summer season”, says Luc Beirinckx of Tomato producer Den Berk. “When we select suppliers, we always look for partnerships. The choice for Gavita proved to be a good one: They thought along with our internal processes and delivered an elegant solution for the temporary storage of our fixtures on location. Also Gavita surpassed the light levels they guaranteed on paper. We are happy to have found such a supplier”

“Partnerships are really important”, says Ferry Breeuwer, commercial director of Gavita Nederland bv. “You work alongside your customer to come to an optimal solution. We always like to exceed the customer’s expectations.”

The process has been recorded in a short video, which can be viewed here or at the website of Den Berk.