Large scale horticulture

Lipetsk Agro

200 kg of cucumbers per square meter at Lipetsk Agro

Over the past few years, Lipesk Agro in Russia has invested heavily in technology. They use Kubo Ultra-Clima greenhouses and Gavita lighting fixtures to realize record yields.At their Lipetsk production location Lipetsk Agro grows under 230W of HPS per square meter, which is a very high intensity for cucumbers. Dmitry Lashin, Chairman of the board of directors, explains: “We see a direct, linear correlation between light levels and yield. Instead of building larger greenhouses we use higher light levels.

Lipetsk Agro also grows tomatoes. The total complex is now 40 hectares, of which 20 are used for cucumbers, 8.5 for tomatoes and the rest for propagation and facilities. The Dankov location is going to be expanded with 10 hectares for tomatoes.
Lashin choose Gavita because he wants to be ready for the future with the best equipment: “We are operating in this market for almost 25 years now, we know how it works. We choose Gavita because they offered the best conditions and the best service. But we also see that the Gavita fixture delivers more light than the competition.”