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Gavita EL3 Master Controller v2.8 Firmware Update

We are excited to share a significant firmware update for the EL3, packed with enhanced features and improvements to give you even more control over your Gavita Lights through virtual zoning.

Updates included in EL3 v2.8 release:

Compatible with upcoming RS1900 LED

EL3 is now compatible with upcoming RS1900 LED.

UI Improvements for Data Download and Extraction

We have refined the data download functionality to ensure that exported data is presented in a clear and organized format, making it easier for users to analyze and utilize.

Control Individual Gen 3 Fixtures with Updates to Virtual Zoning

Virtual zoning allows users to create customized zones within their cultivation space. This update allows users to control specific fixtures for enhanced precision.

EC Measurement Update to Millisiemens

The EC (electrical conductivity) measurement unit has been updated to millisiemens (mS/cm) for more consistent and universally recognized data representation.

Duplicate Grow Schedules within Virtual Zone Groups

Save time by duplicating your carefully crafted grow schedules within Zone Groups.

User Experience Updates to History Graph for Data Monitoring

Fine-tuned for enhanced accuracy, allowing users to better track and analyze the lighting and environmental conditions over time.

How to Install EL3 v2.8 Firmware Update

  1. Save and export any existing light schedules to a USB drive to avoid losing any settings
  2. Download and the latest firmware file from
  3. Unzip the folder and upload just the .apk to your USB
  4. Save firmware file to your USB
  5. On your EL3, go to Setting > System tools > Update and follow the prompts
  6. Once you’ve successfully updated the firmware, you can reload your lighting schedules and find them under the new Lighting Schedule Grouping

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