Gavita Lighting Academy

What is Gavita Lighting Academy?

The Gavita Lighting Academy is our concept to combine all knowledge from within our company and make it available to our distributors, partners, resellers, end-users and the upcoming generation of growers. We have specific educational services for each target group.

The Gavita Lighting Academy is a work in progress, but many products and services are available today!

The Gavita Certified Reseller Program

For our resellers, we offer a training program using online live webinars, videos, readers, student discussion groups and quizzes to qualify for the Certified Reseller status.If you have previously registered for the Gavita Certified Reseller Program you will be contacted shortly to confirm your participation.

Gavita Reseller Program


Whitepaper publications

Whitepapers and publications

We have a special section on our website where you can download our whitepapers and publications from Gavita that were published in magazines.

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Whitepapers & publications
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Educational video's

We frequently publish videos about our products, lighting technology, new development, “how-tos” and company announcements.

These videos are available on-demand on our YouTube and Facebook and of course on this website.

Feel free to use this content on your website. We are testing an interactive signage display for stores, on which customers can select educational videos, or where you can give a presentation about our products, using the published slide presentations.

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Masterclasses, seminars and webinars

Seminars and Master Classes are provided at our facility in Aalsmeer or on location, or for example during trade shows and exhibitions.

We will announce new products through live broadcasts from Studio Gavita in Hilversum. They will be available after the event for on-demand viewing on our YouTube and Facebook.

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Education Wageningen

Educational institutes

Gavita works closely together with horticultural educational institutes who we help to develop training programs, provide demo equipment and teach master classes.

Gavita has an apprenticeship program and is an officially recognized training company.

We work closely together with Wageningen University in the exclusive “Club of 100”, funding, initiating and participating in horticultural research.

We support local research programs with guidance, consultancy, funding and equipment.

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