Educational institutes

Gavita works closely together with horticultural educational institutes who we help to develop training programs, provide demo equipment and provide master classes. Gavita has an apprenticeship program and is an officially recognized training company. In the exclusive Club of 100 we work closely together with Wageningen University, funding, initiating and participating in horticultural research. We support local research programs with guidance, consultancy, funding and equipment.

Education Wageningen

Wageningen University (WUR)

Gavita International is a member of the “100 Club” – a cooperation between WUR and commercial horticultural suppliers of materials, hardware, software, financing or plant material to finance and drive research and innovation. Members have access to the extensive expertise of the Greenhouse research business unit within WUR and work closely together on fundamental research and innovation.

Researchers of WUR are involved in validation research projects and innovation projects of Gavita.

Wageningen University & Research is a collaboration between Wageningen University and the Wageningen Research foundation. A staff of 6,500 and 10,000 students from over 100 countries work everywhere around the world in the domain of healthy food and living environment for governments and the business community-at-large.


As a market leader in horticultural lighting we sponsor and cooperate with educational institutes. Wellantcollege has a unique Green Tec 3 year study aimed at technology within horticulture. For this mid-level college we initiated and contribute to integrating a new plant light and greenhouse lighting technology course.

We do this in close cooperation with universities, so the curriculum we develop can be used at multiple levels within the educational market. We further contribute with equipment, master classes, site visits and project assistance.

The developed curriculum will also be used at other horticultural schools, underlining Gavita’s commitment to the sharing of knowledge and innovation strategy.