Masterclasses and event seminars

We are frequently invited for master classes and seminars. These can be conference training sessions, guest speaker appearances on conferences and trade shows, key-note addresses or other event speeches. Our capacity is limited, but if you have a request for a master class or seminar for an event please contact us through…

Site visits

We are proud of our production and research facilities. Though it is not always possible to accommodate you we would be happy to show you around our facilities and explain how we work and for you to meet our team. If you would like to visit our facilities for a factory tour, please contact us.

Partner training sessions

For our business partners we provide in-depth training sessions.

These can be for example a 2 or 3 days beginner or advanced lighting technologies course at our head-office in Aalsmeer, including a greenhouse tour and factory visit or a compact commercial product training of 1 or 2 days course, in Aalsmeer or on-site.

The capacity for these sessions is limited and only on invitation.

Shop seminars

Our sales representatives would be very happy to provide you with a short basic training on-site. They will provide or your customers you with the basic lighting knowledge and explain to you the features and benefits of our products.

To contact a local sales representative to discuss the possibilities please contact…

Also visit our Certified Reseller Program pages if you wish your shop to become a certified reseller through on-line training.


As from 2017 all new product introductions will be accompanied by a live webinar from Studio Gavita. A webinar is a live on-line broadcast with the possibility to ask question through a live chatbox.

As many as possible questions will be answered during the session, and the webcast will be available for on demand viewing immediately after the event.

Webcasts will be broadcasted through our YouTube and/or FaceBook channels.

If you want to stay updated about the upcoming webinars please subscribe to our newsletter.