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Gavita Pro 1000e DE 277-347/400

As these are commercial voltage fixtures, they may only be installed by certified electrical engineers. Every fixture is supplied with a 3 ft open end cord, that is hard wired into a connection box. The fixture can be disconnected by a fixture side IP68 Wieland RST plug.

3 phase fixtures are mostly installed at fixed height, usually out of reach. That’s why they are no longer equipped with an external control switch. You either run them at 100% with the provided termination plug in the fixture’s controller input, or control them by a Master Controller.

Developed for fixed installation (usually with brackets on c-profiles), we changed the way these fixtures are connected to the Master controller. Where for the normal e-series you need two cables and a splitter to connect the next fixture, these fixture are equipped with what we call the “Gavita repeater bus”.

The Gavita repeater bus solution allows you to daisy chain your controller cables from one fixture directly to the other. Each fixture has an input and an output, buffering the signal for the next fixture. This allows us to put 100 fixtures in one daisy chain. On each controller port you can connect 5 chains with 100 fixtures. Even if the ballast should fail completely, the repeater in the ballast stays operational, safeguarding the daisy chain.

For this system we use a different cable with 6 wires instead of 4. You can easily recognize them as they are grey instead of black, and have ferrite coils on each end to minimize interference of external signals. A standard 6.5 ft cable is included with every fixture to connect it to the next. The controller can still be connected to the first fixture (or splitter) by the black e-series controller cable, that is provided with the controller.

To connect multiple rows in larger installations or make bespoke length cables, we have a special “Repeater Bus connection kit”. Beside a standard RJ 12 crimp tool the kit contains everything you need to make 4 cables with a maximum length 75ft/25m in total, including ferrites and 4 three-way splitters to divide your lamps into individual chains. All components are also available separately packed.

The Master Controller can centrally control the output hundreds of fixtures in a range between 500 and 1150W output power. Using the Master controller safeguards your valuable crop by the added auto-dim and auto-shutdown features, and completely automates your light control.

The compact complete fixture contains a lamp, HR96 reflector and horticultural quality ballast in one comprehensive package. The higher output and added efficiency of the industry standard HR96 reflector make this the workhorse of the family.

The reflector is replaceable (we recommend to do this every year to two years) and there is a choice of replacement reflectors:

  • The HR96 DE for overlapping configurations, assuring optimal uniformity and penetration. This is the industry standard reflector delivered with the fixture.
  • The W 150 DE for wide configurations, where uniformity and lower light levels are required in large rooms. 150 degrees beam angle, for double ended lamps.
  • The M 110 DE SR for applications in single rows and small rooms, where a single reflector needs to create uniformity and high light levels. 110 degrees beam angle, for double ended lamps.

The spread of the Pro 1000 equipped with the HR96 DE reflector is about 4×6 ft (110x180cm) at 3.5 ft distance in overlapping plans, providing light levels of up to 1000 µmol s-1 m-2. The reflector is replaceable (we recommend to do this every year to two years).

The fixture’s light source is a Gavita Pro Plus 1000W double ended HPS lamp, generating 2100 µmol s-1 of light. With a light maintenance of over 96% per 5000 hours you only need to replace it once a year.

Mounting is easy because the fixture is balanced and only requires two hanging points.For c-profile installations we have convenient brackets available.