Large scale horticulture


Why choose Gavita fixtures?

The Gavita fixtures are leading in the market. They offer the highest light efficiency and best distribution of light. All of our products are very reliable and low maintenance. Together, these properties ensure the highest return on your investment.

Our approach stems from a clear philosophy: we do everything under one roof. We develop and test new products ourselves in our well-equipped laboratory and manufacture our fixtures in house, as this allows us to have maximum control over the quality and sustainability of our products.

LED – Light Emitting Diode

  • High output and efficiency
  • 1:1 Replacement from HPS with existing electrical cables
  • A patented design
  • Optimal cooling through a unique heat sink design
GAN Electronic 1000 DE HR96
GAN Electronic 1000 DE HR96

Electronic fixtures

  • Highest efficiency
  • Optimal light retention
  • Coolest electronics: extreme reliability and operating life
  • Easy and flexible installation
Gavita Pro HR 96 DE reflector
Gavita Pro HR 96 DE reflector


  • Best uniformity and light penetration in the crop
  • A suitable reflector for every application
  • Own R&D, light laboratory and quality assurance
  • Periodic measurement of reflection retention in own light laboratory
Gavita Pro plus 1000 EL DE HPS
Gavita Pro plus 1000 EL DE HPS


  • Professional lamps for horticulture
  • Optimally tailored to Gavita fixtures and reflectors
  • Highest guaranteed light retention
  • Periodic measurement of light retention in own light laboratory

Our approach

Together with you we map out your specific requirements and translate them into a tailor-made light calculation. Following delivery, the collaboration is of course continued. In addition to sharing knowledge of new developments in the market and regular contact with our representatives, it is also possible to have light measurements taken or your fixtures tested in our test center.

We will be happy to test the light retention of the lamps and reflection retention of the reflectors in your installation when in use.

Read more about our approach Request a lighting plan calculation
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