Large scale horticulture

About Gavita

Global market leader in assimilation lighting

Gavita is the global market leader in assimilation lighting for the professional horticulture and indoor growing industries. Since it began over 30 years ago, a strong emphasis has been placed on innovation. Gavita has witnessed the birth of many technological developments that are now the market standard. All the world’s horticultural areas are served from our sites in the Netherlands, Canada, Russia, Ukraine and Norway.

Gavita believes in working with our customers. Together we reach the best solution for every operating situation, and the customer benefit always comes first. Gavita has all the knowledge it needs in house to work with you to design the best possible lighting installations. Our well-equipped laboratory for developing new and improving existing products, along with our own production, ensures the constant high quality of our fixtures. The Gavita fixtures are among the market leaders when it comes to light output, reliability and operating life.

Gavita works closely with academic and practical research, such as Wageningen University & Research, Plant Dynamics and the Proefstation voor de Groenteteelt (Testing Station for Vegetable Growing).

Unique R&D department

Gavita possesses the latest measuring equipment technology. We believe it’s very important that we are able to operate completely independently, as this means we are flexible and are able to take a measurement for you there and then. Another advantage is that we have the most recent information about lamps and reflectors at our disposal at all times, which means we are able to offer you the correct lighting plan at all times.



A photogoniometer is used to measure both the distribution and the efficiency of a reflector. We are one of just a few lighting suppliers to have this device ourselves in house, and this enables us to produce accurate electronic models of our reflectors, which are used for light calculations. It also enables us to update our designs and quickly develop new products.



Electrical appliances can cause faults, otherwise known as electromagnetic interference (EMI). In many appliances, that fault can be so great that other appliances no longer work properly. In the EMI lab, our fittings therefore undergo rigorous testing in order to minimize the electromagnetic interference in our products.

Ulbricht sphere

The Ulbricht sphere is used to measure the total light output of a lamp. It can also be used to measure fitting output, and to determine reflector aging, for example. This tool is used in the development of our fittings and reflectors, but also to control light retention in your lamps and reflectors. Our equipment is calibrated with the renowned Philips light laboratories, the largest in Europe.