Large scale horticulture

Electronic fixtures

Electronic fixtures with HPS lamps are the standard in the market. The Gavita fixtures have a high light efficiency, optimal light distribution and a constant light output. Our fixtures are suitable for a wide range of mains voltages. Gavita develops and tests the fixtures in its own Research & Development department. Production also takes place in house, as this enables us to guarantee a constant quality of our products.

The coolest fixtures

The operating life of the electronics in the fixture heavily depends on operating temperature. If the maximum prescribed operating temperature is exceeded, operating life and reliability will decline significantly. To prevent this problem, Gavita has put a great deal of time and energy into developing an optimal housing, resulting in the coolest fixture available in the market. The independent inspection authority KEMA confirmed this in a comparative study. For you this means an excellent, high-quality product with a long operating life and a high level of reliability.

GAN Electronic 1000 W

  • Highest efficiency in the market
  • Long operating life
  • Very effective light distribution

GAN Electronic 750 W

  • Highest reliability, longest operating life
  • More light due to double ended design
  • Very effective light distribution

GAN Electronic 600 W

  • Highest level of reliability
  • Longest operating life
  • Suitable for greenhouses and climate rooms

GAN Electronic 250 HPSI

  • Long operating life, optimal light output
  • Exposes the crop to additional infrared heat
  • Very competitive price

Our approach

Together with you we map out your specific requirements and translate them into a tailor-made light calculation. Following delivery, the collaboration is of course continued. In addition to sharing knowledge of new developments in the market and regular contact with our representatives, it is also possible to have light measurements taken or your fixtures tested in our test center.

We will be happy to test the light retention of the lamps and reflection retention of the reflectors in your installation when in use.

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