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Reflectors are a distinctive part of the fixture. They are largely responsible for the efficiency of the fixture, as well as for the distribution, penetration and uniformity of the light. The Gavita reflectors set themselves apart by their highest output and optimal, uniform light distribution.

Gavita supplies a wide range of reflectors, developed by our own R&D specialists. What’s more, all reflectors are hand-made in house. They are often imitated, but never exceeded in terms of efficiency and uniformity.

Customized lighting advice

The choice of reflector type is crucial if you are to utilize the light as effectively as possible. To select the correct reflector, we will provide you customized advice at all times, specially tailored to your specific requirements, your crop, the operating conditions and on-site conditions.

Reflector maintenance

The reflector may accumulate dirt over time. By taking periodic reflector measurements in our light laboratory, we are able to determine the level of dirt and decay. We are then able to use the results to determine with you whether it’s necessary to replace the reflector. Gavita offers an inlay reflector as an alternative to some reflectors which can be fitted without removing the lamp.

Gavita Pro HR 96 DE reflector
Gavita Pro HR 96 DE reflector

GAN Ecomax HR96 DE

Gavita Pro HR96 SE
Gavita Pro HR96 SE

GAN Ecomax HR96 SE

GAN Ecomax Inlay reflector
GAN Ecomax Inlay reflector

GAN Ecomax Inlay

Gavita Pro MD 135 DE HC reflector

Gavita MD 135 DE

Gavita Pro W 150 DE reflector

Gavita W 150 DE

Our approach

Together with you we map out your specific requirements and translate them into a tailor-made light calculation. Following delivery, the collaboration is of course continued. In addition to sharing knowledge of new developments in the market and regular contact with our representatives, it is also possible to have light measurements taken or your fixtures tested in our test center.

We will be happy to test the light retention of the lamps and reflection retention of the reflectors in your installation when in use.

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