Large scale horticulture

Plasma lamps

The spectrum of plasma lamps is closest to the spectrum of natural sunlight, so plants under plasma light grow in a natural way. They branch more effectively and form better roots than under other types of light.

They also develop a higher resistance to fungi, for example. Another attractive feature is that the UV component in the light of these lamps encourages the formation of useful compounds in the crop.

Plasma lamps are also a good solution for enclosed workspaces, where they give the suggestion of daylight.


Photon flux (PPF) 310
Lichtstroom 21.000 - 50.000 hrs


Photon flux (PPF) 310
Lichtstroom 17.000 - 30.000 hrs

Our approach

Together with you we map out your specific requirements and translate them into a tailor-made light calculation. Following delivery, the collaboration is of course continued. In addition to sharing knowledge of new developments in the market and regular contact with our representatives, it is also possible to have light measurements taken or your fixtures tested in our test center.

We will be happy to test the light retention of the lamps and reflection retention of the reflectors in your installation when in use.

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