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Gavita Pro 900e LED

Gavita Pro 900e LED

The Pro 900e LED is the solution for indoor growing environments where ceiling height and distance from canopy are paramount.

  • 8-bar configuration provides uniform light distribution
  • Ideal for vertical racks, low rooms, over benches, or in tents
  • 900 µmol/s delivers huge growing potential
  • Design provides an incredibly efficient 2.6 µmol/j at 345 W
  • Top-bin LEDs power this built-to-last fixture
  • Features built-in 6k V surge protector
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Gavita is committed to the retail channel with products for residential voltages and services for resellers and end users.

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Building on our long horticultural experience Gavita is specialized in commercial projects, installed by our partners and resellers.

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How it is made

We shot a short video in our production facility in Aalsmeer to give you an idea of how we produce thousands of fixtures each week.

Here the pre-fabricated components are put together, the fixtures are tested and packaged for distribution all over the world.

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