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For Serious Energy Savings

Gavita CT 1930e LED

An average of 46% higher yield per watt and 20% energy savings vs. HPS*

Better energy efficiency. Better quality output. Your plants will thrive under this broader spectrum, crop-loving LED light.

*CT 1930e vs. 1000 W Single Ended HPS fixtures based on average wattage of each fixture and when used as directed.

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Gavita lights are unparalleled in quality and performance.

Watch how easily STIIIZY and LIIIT Farms replaced their HPS lights with energy-saving CT 1930e LEDs.


An average of 46% higher
yield per watt vs HPS*

Independent control and optimization to make the most of your compatible fixtures. And now Titan Controllers’ new VPD and soil sensors pull performance relevant data from your environment and through the controller as well.

1:1 HPS replacement with
uniform light distribution

Spray settings dim lights automatically during spray applications to help protect against crop burns. Independent fixture brightness levels allow adjustments to match your crops needs.

Stand up
to the elements

Set different lighting cycles for sunrise/sunset to create perfect conditions. Fixture temperature readings provide temperature inside the driver enclosure.

HPS-level optics for up to
20% less energy usage

Central access allows users to switch, dim, and boost 512 lighting fixtures from one touch-screen panel. Fixture power reading offers visibility of power draw on specific fixtures.

Easy to Use

Product Features

The Gavita® CT 1930e LED is an electronic horticultural LED fixture and is intended to be used in greenhouses or in climate rooms. It can be used in wet environments. The product may not be used outdoors

Uniform LED output for commercial-scale grows.

Compared to the focused, shorter throw of traditional HPS fixtures, CT 1930e fixtures create a uniform distribution of light, with maximum levels approximately 3 feet from the light, for broader and more consistent crop coverage at a commercial scale.

Convenient Unistrut Mount

Swapping fixtures is a snap with the rigid 1-⅝-inch unistrut mount, the most common size used in North America. A wire mount also is included for growers who use rope ratchets or adjustable hangers.

Cold-forged Aluminum Heat Sink

Unlike the forward throw of heat generated from HPS fixtures, thermally cooled LEDs dissipate heat at the top of the fixture, away from your plants.

Optimal Lighting

Larger, more powerful 3.5mm LEDs deliver the spectrum of deep blues, hot reds, and balanced greens plants need for full-term growth.

Embedded Circuit for e-Series Compatibility

Patent-pending technology syncs as many as 2,000 fixtures per control channel giving you centralized control with unwavering performance throughout your space. (EL Master Controller required, sold separately.)

Sloped and Water-Sealed Connectors

Waterproof seals and tight connections help ensure uninterrupted power. And with an IP66 wet rating, the fixtures are protected against dust, oil and even streams of water.

Plug-and-play Installation

Compatibility with wiring and electrical requirements for most indoor growing environments means this compact toplight is able to dramatically limit the cost and downtime required to convert a facility.


Input Voltage120 – 277 V
347-480 V
Input Watts780 W
Current6.6 – 2.9 A
Heat Load2,661 Btu/hr
Frequency50/60 Hz
Power Factor> 0.95
Ambient Temp32-104° F (0-40° C)
Voltage THD120-277 V: 1.40%
347-480 V:1.30%
Current THD120-277 V: 3.70%
347-480 V: 4.30%
MountingHangers and Unistrut Bracket
Weight33.07 lb/15 kg
Dimensions29 in x 11.8 in x 3.9 in
CertificationsANSI/CAN/UL 8800
Warranty5 Year warranty*

How We Do Business

Providing expert lighting guidance and building incredible lighting products is what we love to do. When you partner with us, you’re partnering with people who know today’s day-to-day practice and challenges the horticultural industry aces face. You can also find available products at a retailer near you.

1. Consultation
and Customization

Gavita’s staff of helpful lighting experts are equipped to identify potential problems and build the best solutions for horticultural facilities of any size.

2. Delivery
and Installation

All fixtures and lighting products are assembled, packaged, and shipped from our headquarters in Aalsmeer, the Netherlands. Gavita products are packaged to perfection and arrive with everything you need to light one up.

3. Maintenance
and Optimization

Signing a service agreement with Gavita guarantees fixture quality updates and replacement warnings so products can continue to perform optimally.


What adjustments should I make when switching from HPS to CT 1930e?

Our CT 1930e LED is designed to make maintaining your lighting layout simple when transitioning from HPS. However, LEDs do require some monitoring and adjustments in your room: temperature, VPD, HVAC and dehumidification, light spectra and intensity, fertigation based on transpiration.

My facility is in a very hot climate and high temperatures are part of daily operations. Will the CT 1930e LED withstand the heat? 

With an ambient temperature rating of 40 degrees Celsius, the CT 1930e LED is IP66 wet-rated and built to perform brilliantly under harsh conditions.

Why should I switch from my Gavita HPS light fixtures to LED fixtures?

On average, growers save up to 20% more energy using LED fixtures for their grows compared to traditional HPS fixtures. Ambient heat emitted from LED fixtures is also lower than traditional HPS outputs, leading to more consistent measurements for better crop management. 

How long do these lights last?

Every fixture is designed to stand up to the toughest growing conditions, with one of the highest ambient temperature ratings on the market. Plus, it’s backed by Gavita’s 5-year limited warranty.

How does the output coverage of a CT 1930e LED fixture compare to an HPS-fixture?

Light intensity stays the same from edge to edge under the CT 1930e LED. Wide optics create a nearly identical light pattern to HPS fixtures and helps unlock plant growth through even light coverage left to right.

Will I have to completely refigure my HPS lighting area to fit new LED fixtures?

With a footprint designed to fit seamlessly into existing HPS layouts, the CT 1930e is a true 1:1 replacement for the fixture that helped revolutionize the industry nearly thirty years ago – the Gavita Pro 1000e HPS.

If I have a problem with my product, will you actually make it easy to get service?

Yes. In the unlikely event that you’re experiencing a problem, you don’t need another pain dealing with unhelpful support. We have fast and efficient RMA processes, and after 35 years of leading the lighting industry, you can rely on us to be here to honor the warranty and support needs today and into the future.

Are there any rebates available for Gavita products, and will they actually be achievable?

Yes, and yes. Rebates are often complicated to understand and a challenge to complete. We make this process simple and efficient through an exclusive partnership with rebate experts Seinergy, who will analyze and project manage your rebates to ensure maximum opportunity with minimal effort on your part.

Gavita is trusted to light the way

As the industry leader for both traditional HPS fixtures and innovative LED options, Gavita makes switching from HPS to LED simple and easy to understand.