Gavita Light Emitting Plasma

Add supplemental spectrum, including UVA and UVB.

Gavita is a pioneer in plasma lighting technology. We are the largest provider of plasma grow lights worldwide. Professional breeders, growers and research facilities use our plasma lighting to achieve results only surpassed by natural sunlight. Plasma lighting is a game changer when it comes to quality lighting and crop quality improvement.

Pro 270e LEP SUP / GROW

The Gavita LEP e-series are the industry standard for high quality plasma supplemental lighting and sunlight simulation. In indoor HPS grow facilities, LEP Supplemental light adds quality to the crop giving you the competitive edge. Breeders and researchers use the full spectrum Grow version for optimal results under complete sunlight simulation.

Pro 300 LEP AC

In controlled climate rooms and research facilities the Air Cooled (AC) version of our plasma light enables you to minimize the effect of convection heat of the electronics. The AC version offers you all the advantages that LEP light gives you, with a minimal heat load in your room. The AC version is not suitable for control by the Gavita Master Controller.