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Gavita RS 1900e LED 208-480 V

The Gavita® RS 1900e produces 1900 μmol s-1 PAR and an impressively efficient 3.0 μmol/j and delivers a broad white light with an enhanced blue spectrum. Some studies show this may intensify secondary metabolites, such as terpenes and cannabinoids.

This powerful, full-spectrum light source is intended for full-term plant growth – from the vegetative stages to higher-light-requiring bloom and finishing stages.



Model No.HGC906410
Voltage208 – 480 V
Current at 208 V(cf):3.12 A
Current at 480 V1.35 A
Frequency(lb):50/60 Hz
Watts(in):650 W
Max Ambient Temp40° C
Dimming CommunicationRJ45 0-10V
Power Factor (cosθ)0.95
Dimensions44.8 in x 43.25 in x 3.3 in
Weight29.8 lb
ETL Listed


“The ease and functionality of the EL3 is a GAME CHANGER! Individual light control, touch screen, easy to navigate, plus a whole new set of options to help you navigate your lighting program! Gavita is leading the industry into the future!”


“I trust the people I’ve worked with and I’ve been successful with. I’ve had very big success with the Gavita lights.”

Sean Oganesyan

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