Retail and indoor projects


If you have a technical question about our products and your reseller cannot answer it, we got your back! Our support team will be happy to answer all your technical questions about our products. We are not a consultancy firm, so we can not provide you with free advice about how to set-up and run your operation. We can bring you into contact with companies and people who can.

Knowledge base and instructional videos

A good place to start your education is our knowledge base and our instructional videos. There are also the white papers and we have lots of articles published on this website. All product documentation and manuals are available online should you have any questions about specifications, installation and/or operating conditions. Just visit our product pages for more information.

Submit a ticket

Could not find the answer to your question? No problem! Submit a ticket in our ticketing system. We will e-mail you a confirmation immediately with a link to the ticket. There you can follow the progress, upload documents or respond to replies. When one of our engineers posts a reply, you will receive a notification e-mail. We strive to respond to questions within one business day but do allow for timezone differences.

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