Retail and indoor projects

Gavita reflectors

Often copied, never surpassed in efficiency and uniformity. Gavita reflectors are hand built using the best reflective materials in the world: Miro™ and vega® aluminum. The precision built reflectors offer unsurpassed performance.

Gavita Hortistar 600 SE

The Gavita HortiStar 600 reflector fixture comes with a replaceable Vega aluminum reflector that can be replaced with the lamp still in the lampholder. As an alternative, inlay reflectors are available. The fixture is suitable for HPS/MH lamps up to 750 watt.

Gavita Hortistar 750-1000 DE

The Gavita HortiStar 750/1000 DE comes with a replaceable high efficiency Vega aluminum reflector. As an alternative, inlay reflectors are available. It is specifically designed for 750W and 1000W double ended lamps.