Retail and indoor projects

Gavita Pro line classic

The original professional fixtures. Our workhorses for residential voltage and three phase systems.

The original Gavita fixtures that changed the way people are growing today. It caused a revolution in grow light application. The workhorses of the family of Gavita fixture, this fixture is still going strong. Most double ended fixtures on the market today are copies of this original design. Copied many times, but never surpassed in quality and output. Lighting is a science.


Gavita Pro 600 SE

The Pro 600 was the first Gavita fixture developed for residential voltages in the retail market. The year it was introduced it immediately received an European industry award.

GAVITA Pro 1000 DE full fixture_classic
GAVITA Pro 1000 DE full fixture_classic

Gavita Pro 1000 DE

The original Gavita fixture that started the revolution in double ended lamp technology. The fixture comprises of a ballast, reflector and lamp in one complete compact package.

Gavita Pro 1000 DE 277-347

For US three-phase systems the Gavita Pro 1000 277-347 is the fixture of choice for commercial systems. The small footprint also make it the best fit for greenhouse use.