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Gavita Repeater Bus vs Single Bus e-series

Gavita pioneered the remote control of fixtures and set the standard with the Gavita Master controller and its plug and play e-series cabling solution. Our second generation Gavita ‘Repeater Bus’ interface is backward compatible with the Single Bus cabling system, but also offers a direct fixture to fixture daisy chain connection for fixed installations.

Single Bus configuration

A single Bus e-series interface fixture is recognizable by the single-port connector on the ballast. These fixtures are the most practical solution for installations where the fixture height is adjusted during the grow-cycle or where fixtures hang from the ceiling.

You can connect up to 40 fixtures per controller port, 80 in total on a Master EL2 controller. Additionally, you can connect more fixtures by connecting up to 3 booster modules (maximum 200 fixtures per port).

Fixtures connect to the controller with a Gavita black controller cable, which taps the signal for every fixture with a splitter. From the splitter, a single cable drops down to the fixture. Each fixture comes with the necessary cables and a splitter suitable for any situation. We offer a wide range of cables and accessories for every imaginable application.

Repeater Bus configuration

Gavita developed the Repeater Bus interface for fixed installations in professional environments. The Gavita difference is the double-port connector on the ballast. The active interface repeats the input signal to the output. This setup lets you directly daisy chain 100 fixtures per string and five strings per controller port to connect a maximum of 500 fixtures per controller port. The Repeater-bus cable is grey (6P6C) to distinguish it from standard E-series (6P4C) cabling systems. (Black e-series cables are not suitable to daisy chain repeater-bus fixtures.)

Each repeater bus fixture comes with the necessary cables suitable for almost any scenario. Our professional‑grade fixtures (208-240V) also include a Single Bus cabling kit to provide backward compatibility with our single-port e-series system. A DIY cabling kit is available to connect multiple strings to your controller or to connect strings at a custom distance.

Please note that all interconnect and controller cables need ferrites on each end as close to the connector as possible.

Repeater Bus + Single Bus combination

When you supplement Repeater Bus fixtures with Plasma lighting, you will encounter fixtures with both the Single Bus and Repeater Bus interfaces. It is possible to mix them and have full Master controller functionality. You will need both gray and black cables, additional ferrites, and splitters. Be sure to use the right type (color) cable for the right fixture as they are wired differently internally.

Each fixture has the necessary cables to do the most common setups. If you require different length cables, or you no longer have the spare cables, they are available as accessories. If you are in doubt on how to connect the fixtures, you can open a ticket on the support page.

Please note that all interconnect and controller cables need ferrites on each end as close to the connector as possible. Add ferrites to the black e-series cables as well.